11 Kasım 2009 Çarşamba


I'll wait for the next stop. Not me; it's the man on the video. Many of my friends, who are girls, have pittied on the woman and sworn to the man. I admit that it's a very touchy situation; but my memories remind me I've had worse experience than this. THese are all because of those stupid men who make fun of us, pretty ladies. Truely, men always making fun of us without knowing their tiny brains include less things than ours have. Surprisingly, they succeed. This is probably because of the enchanting language they use; like we watch on this video. You will see it better after watching. Anyway... This video also exemplifies what happens in creative drama courses. Though I pitty the woman, I'm crazy for doing such things. I will some day... Yeah, I will perform a short play in the bus (maybe it will be the 19 whose destination is Yeditepe University!)

And... Here is my number one addiction: watching the Big Bang Theory on cnbc- e. Especially, I love Sheldon! He is out of the world!! he's just like a small star between two planet! He's different; that's why he's so funny. His unusual habits like knocking on the door for three times make me laugh laugh and imagine how would I seem if I imitated him.

What can a job-less girl do all day? She can wake up late. She can go for a walk or shopping, with her mother, she can study on the KPSS examination and have a cup of coffee as a motivation and as a reinforcement of her dreams in the night. She can look outside in rainy days or she can't decide what to wear on sunny, hot November days. She may be frightened of catching flue and H1N1 virus. Yeah, yeah... All of these are inclusive; but what else? Aren't there any things to do at home apart from these? Sure there is... Internet access!! My number two addiction is an online game; so it's totally related with the Internet: Farmville! I really enjoy harvesting. Imaginary visuals of seeds, crops give me some idea about their actual appearance. Besides, even if it's imaginary situation, I can gain imaginary money which motivates me in the game. I love online profit!! I love Farmville!!!

I'm attending on a seminar which is organised by ÇDD (Çağdaş Drama Derneği- Creative Drama Association) on Thursday. Will be back on Sunday night. Till then, have a nice time.