8 Haziran 2010 Salı

Not Titled yet!!!

"Athelien is on an on-going though studying program for KPSS. (Zira 1 aydan da kısa bir süre kaldı) She will not be able to reply to any referrer or follower. Please try to contact with her after July 10."

I'm nowhere! I'm lost! I feel a bit dizzy and I need to study more just before the exam. So dear followers, I'm sorry to tell you that you need to wait to read about my adventures.

In short, I had an interview with a foreign language course. It was a job application. Yet, later, I refused and I still question why I did such a thing. There was Film festivals in Istanbul and I watched few films. I joined in my friends from university club and went to Spil Mount, Manisa to practise on rock climbing on May. (I don't remember the exact date now) I've been attending to KPSS courses and I will until July 21. Then, on April, I& my family celebrated my brother's birthday. It was lovely. I went to Kuşadası to celebrate my cousin's engagement. I did pretty good things but I can only remember them when I look at the photos. I will publish them too. Don't worry. By the way, unlike someone commented on my previous post; I didn't find the ship of Noah! I'm sorry. It has already been discovered. However, I may do some kind of new explorations in the very next future. Who knows?...

02. 10. 2010

FINAL COUNTDOWN! The examination is on 10th. Going to bed at 01.30am on nights and waking up at 7.30 am... Well, that's enough for a good sleep though I feel sleepy in the mornings. Listening to the radio (mostly, to get mood) while doing tests of maths, history, Turkish and Law& Citizenship.

My eldest aunt and my cousin were in Istanbul last week. They just wanted to visit us when the schools ended and they spent two weeks with us. I always enjoy to be with my "over"-crowded family and these two weeks were the times I gave a break for studying. Happy, sweet days...