14 Aralık 2010 Salı

Dairy/ Diary: Darlin' I'll kiss your eyes...

What a nice song it is... Candy, performed by Paolo Nutini. You can listen to the new song I added. It's on the left, in my music list. I discovered Paolo Nutini today and I liked his music. Hope it will warm everyone's heart on such a cold evening.

I've been paying attention to the news telling that there were hurricanes in Egypt, Lebanon and I caught a scene from Mersin where just one hurricane had occured and had been whirling on the sea. I guess, the video was recorded on the coast of the sea where my eldest aunt and her family live near to. Glad to know that it didn't hurt anyone or didn't give any damage. Also, some weather news reports are taking my attention. I've seen a photo on the newspaper: The Eiffell Tower, snow is everywhere and faces of people aren't seen since they've worn their scarfs and berets. Well, Paris has always a romantic athmosphere; every time, every season. Wish I was there without freezing. It's said that most of the parst in Turkey are burried into snow. There is snow even on the mountains on the SOUTH of the country. Knowing all these, I'm praying for a great storm and snow, 'cause there ain't any snow in Kadıkoy! Yeah, it's very cold and getting cooler day by day. I can't sleep at nights because of my cold feet. Still no snow? It must have been snowy! Is there anybody superior than me to let it snow? Well, OK. I may be bedevilled. No more complains.

Good news: I'm gonna be working soon. I'll be a trainee teacher in English teaching department of a private school. I took some necessary documents, papers from the nearest courthouse. I'm gonna give them to the school tomorrow. Hope, they ask me to start tomorrow. 'Cause I've tried hard to get this job and now I have to sacrifise more to work here. Yeah, I'm gonna delay a visit to my aunt who lives in France. Doing my trainee in teaching is crucial for me. Besides, I have a chance to quit the job if I really get upset since I'm not payed.

I've been doing most of the work at home as mum is ill for few weeks. A slipped disc on her spine causes pain on her back. We are searching for cure and for a right doctor.

On the other hand, there's nothing bad, sad or negative in my life. I'm happy as much as I can be. Mum says I don't smile or laugh. It's probably a transition period for me. A transition from a crazy young girl to a dignified old woman. Well, we didn't organize such a big party; but I'm getting 25. I was born on 25 November. Last month, we celebrated my birthday. As well as thinking of getting older, I sometimes feel that I'm being like mum. I observe that my mind works like hers and hers works like grandma. Strange... This number 25 is strange...

Anyways... That's all from me. Enjoy the music.