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Mum& Dad are coming back today. I cleaned and tidied the house yesterday. Today, I'm baking a cake for my parents so that they will eat in the afternoon, when they come. I'm planning to make the cake with youghurt as there's no milk left and I've googled a bit. I'm gonna try one of mum's blogger friends receipt: Hünerli Bayanlar I'll publish the cake's photos on this post later; of course, if it will be accomplished.

Thank you for the receipt, Hünerli Bayanlar!

Here are the photos and the receipt of the cake! As I promised...

1) 4 eggs
2) a pinch of salt
3) 2 cups of sugar (I used glasses, to measure each liquid ingredient, instead of cups.)*
4) a half cup of oil ( I used olive oil)
5) a cup of yoghourt
6) 3 cups of flour (the receipt says 2.5 cups but I preferred 3 cups as the yoghourt was a bit juicy, saucy or watery, whatever you call it.)
7) some lemon zest (it gives both good smell and good taste.)
8) a packet of baking powder and a packet of powdered vanilla
9) a half table spoon of nescafe (a half of it is enough. The receipt says 80 gr. bitter sweet chocolate. Yet, I also like nescafe in the cake.)


Beat the eggs with a pinch of salt and then add the sugar. Continue beating until the sugar is mixed well in the mixture. It takes 5 or 10 minutes.

(You must be sure whether it is mixed well. So, dip your index finger's tip and take a little mixture. Then rub it with the index finger and thumb. There mustn't be any crystall of sugar.)*

Add the olive oil, a little lemon zest and a half spoon of nescafe. In this step, you must take a risk: do you want a very sweet cake? Or do you prefer the sugar amount in this receipt? Just give it a try and taste the mixture. If you think it is so bitter, add a bit sugar.

After that, prepare the granulated mixture (flour, powdered vanilla and baking powder) by sifting them together. Sifted flour always puffs the cake up. Add this dry mixture to the one you make before. (eggs, sugar, oil,nescafe mixture) Pour the hole mixture into a baking pan or a cake mold.

(Mum has an old sheet iron mold which she prefers to bake cakes. I didn't give up this tradition and I used this same old sheet iron mold. I applied some butter inside of this mold before I pured the mixture into it. Butter or oil, it doesn't make any difference; but each of them prevents the mixture to stick on the mold. If you prefer to use silicone molds, then you're lucky.)*

Preheat the oven 180 Centigrate and bake the cake in 45/ 50 minutes.

(Observe whether the cake is puffed and becomes brown a bit or not. Do not open the oven before 45th minute. After this period, you can check it by sticking a knife. If the knife is clean when it comes out of the cake, it means the cake is baked.)*

Well... Bonne Appetite!

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