14 Aralık 2010 Salı

Dairy/ Diary: Darlin' I'll kiss your eyes...

What a nice song it is... Candy, performed by Paolo Nutini. You can listen to the new song I added. It's on the left, in my music list. I discovered Paolo Nutini today and I liked his music. Hope it will warm everyone's heart on such a cold evening.

I've been paying attention to the news telling that there were hurricanes in Egypt, Lebanon and I caught a scene from Mersin where just one hurricane had occured and had been whirling on the sea. I guess, the video was recorded on the coast of the sea where my eldest aunt and her family live near to. Glad to know that it didn't hurt anyone or didn't give any damage. Also, some weather news reports are taking my attention. I've seen a photo on the newspaper: The Eiffell Tower, snow is everywhere and faces of people aren't seen since they've worn their scarfs and berets. Well, Paris has always a romantic athmosphere; every time, every season. Wish I was there without freezing. It's said that most of the parst in Turkey are burried into snow. There is snow even on the mountains on the SOUTH of the country. Knowing all these, I'm praying for a great storm and snow, 'cause there ain't any snow in Kadıkoy! Yeah, it's very cold and getting cooler day by day. I can't sleep at nights because of my cold feet. Still no snow? It must have been snowy! Is there anybody superior than me to let it snow? Well, OK. I may be bedevilled. No more complains.

Good news: I'm gonna be working soon. I'll be a trainee teacher in English teaching department of a private school. I took some necessary documents, papers from the nearest courthouse. I'm gonna give them to the school tomorrow. Hope, they ask me to start tomorrow. 'Cause I've tried hard to get this job and now I have to sacrifise more to work here. Yeah, I'm gonna delay a visit to my aunt who lives in France. Doing my trainee in teaching is crucial for me. Besides, I have a chance to quit the job if I really get upset since I'm not payed.

I've been doing most of the work at home as mum is ill for few weeks. A slipped disc on her spine causes pain on her back. We are searching for cure and for a right doctor.

On the other hand, there's nothing bad, sad or negative in my life. I'm happy as much as I can be. Mum says I don't smile or laugh. It's probably a transition period for me. A transition from a crazy young girl to a dignified old woman. Well, we didn't organize such a big party; but I'm getting 25. I was born on 25 November. Last month, we celebrated my birthday. As well as thinking of getting older, I sometimes feel that I'm being like mum. I observe that my mind works like hers and hers works like grandma. Strange... This number 25 is strange...

Anyways... That's all from me. Enjoy the music.

12 Kasım 2010 Cuma

Dairy/ Diary: Bad Bad News...

Unfortunately, I had a very low point in last KPSS examination which was on Oct. 31. I wish I could explain this by using more flowery words; however, I can't. Such words don't change the constant truths. On the other hand, I've studied harder for a whole month since this was my last chance in this year. I believe, I did my best and I'm fine with my effort. The thing is... I'm just quite broken and I don't know whether I take the same exam in the future.

Enough!... I really got bored with all these examinations. Yet, there's another test I will have in December: ALES. I don't know, I can't think about it. Solving the previous ALES tests is good way. This gives me a few clues about the form of the test and about the questions, subjects. I don't know how... Anyway, life still goes on and... Just ENOUGH!

Second bad news is sad, mad and dangerous (for mum) to know. Mum's 30- year- old mixer is broken! She has mourned for a week and after that we began a search for a new, good, well qualified, ergonomic, economic and easy to use mixer. Though, mum is reluctant as she couldn't find any of these qualifications in the mixers which she tested in shops. There's one she liked in fact; a multi- usable thing: Kenwood Chef, a kitchen aid. But... I'll mention it later.

Methinks, mourning for a kitchen utensil is very bizzare. Probably, the mixer meant much to mum. Otherwise, this isn't the mood of our mum.

There's a good news apart from the other boring ones: Mum has a job! Instead, I was looking for a job and... :p I'm kidding. On December, mum is gonna start working in a bistro- cafe's as a chef, in Cihangir. That's why she's looking for such a perfect kitchen aid, to use at work!

Mum seems happy as she met the lady who is responsible with the cafe last week. She and mum are gonna work together in the kitchen. Well, mum keeps the details of the job for herself and I respect her "not telling to anybody now" tempt. I'm as happier as she is because I know how she got bored with staying at home and cleaning our mess. Additionally, she is an expert in cooking and she always prefers natural and healthy things in the kitchen. All these make her preferable. I can't think of anybody replaced by mum in this world. Meanwhile, I must learn how to cook some practical things because mum won't be at home.

Nowadays, there's a rush in home. Mum and I are doing preparation for Kurban Bayramı (Festival of Sacrifices: a traditional feast which is celebrated by sacrificing a cow, a calf, a sheep or a goat to God in order to thank for the goods He has given) We're cleaning every corner of the house. It's injustice, a cruelty to do all stuff and be tired when dad is peacefully sitting at his office and my brother is studying for university entrance exam and going out with his friends to courses. Such work isn't good for me as it gives me a spine ache!

That's all for this week. Me?... Well, as I said, I'm broken and I missed old school days and friends. Hope I'll see them soon.

10 Kasım 2010 Çarşamba


Ata'mızın 72. vefat yıldönümünde, sevdiği şarkılarla anmak istedim ve soldaki player a Harmandalı, Yanık Ömer, Cana Rakibi Handan Edersin, Manastır Türküsü ve Vardar Ovası'nı ekledim. Hepimizin bugün Atatürk'ü hatırlarken, anarken bu şarkıları ve ses sahiplerini hatırlamamız dileğiyle...

Ulu Önder'i anlatabilecek kelime bulmakta zorluk çekiyorum. Türk Devleti'ni çağdaş devletler seviyesine yükseltmiş, milletimize egemenliğini kazandırmış ve Cumhuriyet'i hediye etmiş; Türk insanına sonuna kadar güvenmiş; insana, bilime, eğitime, sanata, geleceğe sevgisi çok büyük olan bu ileri görüşlü mükemmel lideri anlamak ve anlatmak bir eğitimci olarak benim için çok önemli diye düşünüyorum. Hele ki şu son birkaç yılda şiddeti artan terör olayları vb. daha burada yazamayacağım tartışmalar göz önüne alınırsa...

Her fotoğrafında ve resminde; heybeti, masmavi bakan gözleri ile beni olduğum yere mıhlayan, içimi titreten, hiç görmeden özlediğim eşsiz insanı çok büyük bir saygıyla anıyor; kendime, onun bize bıraktığı en büyük mirasa sahip çıkacağıma söz veriyorum.

Bu son şarkıyı player a eklemedim. Biraz da internette gezinip siz bulun, sahibinin sesinden dinleyin.
Sözlerini ve söyleyeni aşağıya yazıyorum.
Hamiyet Yüceses
Nihansın Dideden Ey Mest-i Nazm
Nihansın Dideden ey mest-i nazım
Bana sensiz cihanda can ne lazım
Benim sensin felekde çaresazım
Bana sensiz cihanda can ne lazım
Revadır matemim tutsa felekler
Bana insan değil ağlar melekler
Havaya gitti hep bunca emekler
Bana sensiz cihanda can ne lazım

16 Ekim 2010 Cumartesi

Dairy/ Diary. A good day...

Winter's comin' huh? I've been dealing with flu for a week. Be careful with your health!

Me, myself & studying again... KPSS examination will be repeated on October 31. Today, I'm on my off- day and searching for templates on the net; for my blog. I'd like to personalize my blog nowadays. But how?...

I've found a job! I'm going to start working at my old high school for a year. It's a private school and many of the teachers I love and respect are still working there, in high school English teaching department. So, I will be in comfort! This job will enable me to do my teacher trainee and gain experience. However, the school couldn't offer me any money as they claim, the trainees aren't paid in any of private schools. Somehow, I accepted the job and I'm beginning in December.

There's a controversy on my left foot which I had operation 3 years ago. There's been an oedema effect and pain since last summer. So, I've been visiting my doctor for 3 weeks and having some injections on my foot. It seems this treatment will help. Otherwise, I will have an operation again.

Meanwhile, I've made my mind up: I'm going to go to England in summer! In fact, I'm in England. I feel like I'm in England. Well, there's a book I've been reading and the author has inspired me a lot. Yet, I'm not drunken! I'll mention my plans after I have the exam. Now, just know that I'm happy, happy, happy...

I met with a friend today. We walked in Moda, Kadıköy; the place where I live. I haven't had such a great time for a month. Now, I'm home. Home sweet home... Home warm home... It's bizarre but I feel lonely. What's wrong with me?

I'm listening Damien Rice nowadays, as usual. This song is one of my favourite. If I were to produce a film, I prefer it to play in some of the scenes. I hope, the link is linkable!

29 Eylül 2010 Çarşamba


I've come across with this news on the Internet. Click on the following links and read more please. I hope I'll have time to translate the news into Turkish, soon, so that Turkish bloggers can understand. The project makes sense; especially for linguists, English teachers and my friends and instructors in universtiy. Perhaps, yo can find something suits to you. Videos which are on the actual site can tell more.

This is the article's link on an online newspaper:

And this one is the project's actual link:

On Oct. 10, the filmmakers are to be arrived in Istanbul.

28 Eylül 2010 Salı

Dairy/ Diary: KPSS Again?

When I first heard the news of KPSS Education Exam cancelation, I wasn't very surprised. I just tried to figure out how I would study after a year of hardwork and unhappiness and the word in the title became an enemy to me. "AGAIN!!!???" It's a kind of word we say if we/a friend has a gratis love affair to someone. Or we say it if we do the same mistake we usually do, like forgetting key of the house at home. It's a nightmare!

On the other hand, it's a big chance, an advantage for me to increase my grade to be appointed. I believe, I can do it well in the next examination. This is not only studying; but also thinking positive. Wanting is the half of achieving! Yes, I can do well...

As you guess, I've begun studying to make my lacks up. I'm doing tests, reading all day. Luckily, I have nothing else to do. Or... Do I? I prefer spending some days with some friends, shopping and going to a theatre to watch a movie or even reading. However, I'm cancelling them all till November 1. As soon as I heard the news, I knew I would cancel my entire social life! And it makes me sad sometimes. :(((

Wish me luck, everyone!

31 Ağustos 2010 Salı



This new idea has struck me since I've been thinking about watching, listening, reading in English. And maybe dreaming... I've just registered to
BBC Podcasts and chosen this for you. Please, leave a comment after watching.

This is the first podcast I've published; but I've a plan: I'm planning to do an online- listening activity. (or so- called a listening lesson) I'll select a podcast each month and publish it on my blog by giving a hyperlink on the title. You can leave your comments or ask questions when you couldn't understand something. Or, simply, you can ask some basic listen& understand questions. For instance, who is speaking?, who is the story about?, what happens when...? English Language Teachers!!!! This is for you also.

Have a nice week.

24 Ağustos 2010 Salı



Mum& Dad are coming back today. I cleaned and tidied the house yesterday. Today, I'm baking a cake for my parents so that they will eat in the afternoon, when they come. I'm planning to make the cake with youghurt as there's no milk left and I've googled a bit. I'm gonna try one of mum's blogger friends receipt: Hünerli Bayanlar I'll publish the cake's photos on this post later; of course, if it will be accomplished.

Thank you for the receipt, Hünerli Bayanlar!

Here are the photos and the receipt of the cake! As I promised...

1) 4 eggs
2) a pinch of salt
3) 2 cups of sugar (I used glasses, to measure each liquid ingredient, instead of cups.)*
4) a half cup of oil ( I used olive oil)
5) a cup of yoghourt
6) 3 cups of flour (the receipt says 2.5 cups but I preferred 3 cups as the yoghourt was a bit juicy, saucy or watery, whatever you call it.)
7) some lemon zest (it gives both good smell and good taste.)
8) a packet of baking powder and a packet of powdered vanilla
9) a half table spoon of nescafe (a half of it is enough. The receipt says 80 gr. bitter sweet chocolate. Yet, I also like nescafe in the cake.)


Beat the eggs with a pinch of salt and then add the sugar. Continue beating until the sugar is mixed well in the mixture. It takes 5 or 10 minutes.

(You must be sure whether it is mixed well. So, dip your index finger's tip and take a little mixture. Then rub it with the index finger and thumb. There mustn't be any crystall of sugar.)*

Add the olive oil, a little lemon zest and a half spoon of nescafe. In this step, you must take a risk: do you want a very sweet cake? Or do you prefer the sugar amount in this receipt? Just give it a try and taste the mixture. If you think it is so bitter, add a bit sugar.

After that, prepare the granulated mixture (flour, powdered vanilla and baking powder) by sifting them together. Sifted flour always puffs the cake up. Add this dry mixture to the one you make before. (eggs, sugar, oil,nescafe mixture) Pour the hole mixture into a baking pan or a cake mold.

(Mum has an old sheet iron mold which she prefers to bake cakes. I didn't give up this tradition and I used this same old sheet iron mold. I applied some butter inside of this mold before I pured the mixture into it. Butter or oil, it doesn't make any difference; but each of them prevents the mixture to stick on the mold. If you prefer to use silicone molds, then you're lucky.)*

Preheat the oven 180 Centigrate and bake the cake in 45/ 50 minutes.

(Observe whether the cake is puffed and becomes brown a bit or not. Do not open the oven before 45th minute. After this period, you can check it by sticking a knife. If the knife is clean when it comes out of the cake, it means the cake is baked.)*

Well... Bonne Appetite!

20 Ağustos 2010 Cuma

Back to seeking job!

Hi there!

I've been in Istanbul since last week and looking for some job again. :) My parents are still on vacation. I'm with my brother and my grandmother who fasts this month.

To be honest, I don't have any vacation photos. 'Cause no photos were taken! Why? Well... I'll tell why.

On my last post, I mentioned I was going to a summer vacation. There's a house which me and my big big family (including mine, grandma, my aunts, cousins atc.) have stayed in summers, for twenty years. It is old and according to my eldest aunt, it is a bit small for us. She wanted it to be restored a bit this winter. The front balcony has been enlarged, the building has been whitewashed before the vacation season. Some Turkish readers may consider what a mess to restore their houses and to deal with repairmen, especially in summer resorts, in country. It is also important in summer places to have a grand balcony or a terrace since you spend the whole day there. However, when we came (me, mum, dad and brof.) there were some additional things to do. We needed to buy a new table, some chairs and a small garden sofa set within its' armchairs to place all them in the balcony. Sure, we had to buy somethings to eat. That was why poor dad spent his worthly vacation days in supermarkets. We bought a new fridge, stopped by the bazaar and bought lots of vegetable and fruit and many things. When we were home, we went to the plage, swim in mornings and lateron we came back and clean the house. Mum searched for the towels which had been there always and it took quite long time. ( two weeks, I guess) Hahaha! I remember she was murmuring: "Oooyyy! Where are our towels gone? They aren't in their usual place. Did the cleaning women stick them another place? I can't find anything I want! Did Yüksel stick them somewhere?" (Yüksel is my eldest aunt)

Anyway... Suddenly I began to think about the days I had spent so far and realised that I had been doing all the cleaning, washing (the dishes), watering things for whole a week! Man, was I tired. Mum was tired too. A week later, dad returned to Istanbul, to his work. Things were going to be harder because mum needed a car to go to the bazaar and to come back. There were still somethings to buy and somethings to fix. If you had ever stayed in the country without a vehicle, you would have known about the difficulties of it. Or, If you ever stayed in the country without a vehicle you should know about the difficulties of it. I know these two sentences are read nearly similar and they sound similar. You'd better study on "If Clause" of your grammar books.

We hosted our guests. One of them was Serkan, our "atomic boy" from France. He and his parents are like our relatives. He is a brother to me and my brother. Brof. came with some of his school friends sometimes and mum cooked, washed and tidied up for many times. I tried to help her. By the time, I read education columns of the newspaper every day, to learn whether there were any news about KPSS exam results. Waiting was so hard to me. Meanwhile, I swam and have fun with a childhood friend. He was as funnier as Ata Demirer and thanks to him, I could enjoy going to the city center (Bodrum) one night. He took us there with his car.

Uooh! I haven't mentioned what a harder situation I was in yet. There wasn't Internet connection in the house we stayed in. I had to find a laptop first; and then I had to go to the cafe next to the market or to the cafe near to the plage. I could only manage to do this for twice under the blue sky and a brain melter sun's rays! Besides, I received a telephone call, saying they could offer me a job in Istanbul. It was from a well known SBS preparation course. I told them I was in a village in the south of Turkey where there was no Internet, no TV etc. However, they asked me to send my CV via e-mail and I did. Later on, they wanted to have a conversation with me and asked me to come back to Istanbul, twice. I couldn't ignore this offer. So, I got a bus ticket to go to Istanbul, thinking about returning to Bodrum after the application meeting.

On the August 11, I was in Istanbul. Mum stayed in Bodrum. On the 12th, I visit the course. The principle was very kind to me and he asked me to present a demo lesson on the 13th. I spent two days by going to Beşiktaş. On the 13th, after I presented my lesson I was told that I wouldn't directly teach to a class; but I would take part in remedial lectures to answer students' questions. I would work six days for 11 hours per a day. Additionally, I would get assurance and my teaching trainee session would be over. Although these additions were advantageous; it was hard for me. I wouldn't be able to study for ALES, UDS and KPSS if I started to work in that course. Besides, I couldn't be anything more than a course teacher. So, I resigned.

Well... Here I am... I've been in Istanbul since August 11 and I'm stucked in home because of humid and hot. God, it's so hot. I regret to be here earlier than I expected. Dad and my youngest aunt went back to Bodrum and my eldest aunt and my cousin are there too. They had birthday parties. On the other hand, I preferred to stay here to apply for some jobs and deal with KPSS issues. Two days ago, I checked on the Internet and found out I got a very low point and I will not be attended this year. I will give a try to "ücretli öğretmenlik" on September. Though, I can't say easily that I will work as an "ücretli öğretmen". This is why, I'm filling the online application forms, e-mailing CVs to lots of kindergardens, courses near Kadıköy. I'm thinking about writing down about my experiences in job application. I don't know whether it would be educational, but I'm sure it would make someone laugh.

I wish I published few photos within this post. Yet, I remind you that, I had none as we all had forgotten to take photo while dealing with decorating a summer house and buying many necessary things. It's 02.35 am and I don't even have a song to gift you. I'm sorry. I'm totally sorry...

16 Temmuz 2010 Cuma

I'm going to Bodrum... Immediately! I suppose, I'll be back on 21 August. See you then...

8 Haziran 2010 Salı

Not Titled yet!!!

"Athelien is on an on-going though studying program for KPSS. (Zira 1 aydan da kısa bir süre kaldı) She will not be able to reply to any referrer or follower. Please try to contact with her after July 10."

I'm nowhere! I'm lost! I feel a bit dizzy and I need to study more just before the exam. So dear followers, I'm sorry to tell you that you need to wait to read about my adventures.

In short, I had an interview with a foreign language course. It was a job application. Yet, later, I refused and I still question why I did such a thing. There was Film festivals in Istanbul and I watched few films. I joined in my friends from university club and went to Spil Mount, Manisa to practise on rock climbing on May. (I don't remember the exact date now) I've been attending to KPSS courses and I will until July 21. Then, on April, I& my family celebrated my brother's birthday. It was lovely. I went to Kuşadası to celebrate my cousin's engagement. I did pretty good things but I can only remember them when I look at the photos. I will publish them too. Don't worry. By the way, unlike someone commented on my previous post; I didn't find the ship of Noah! I'm sorry. It has already been discovered. However, I may do some kind of new explorations in the very next future. Who knows?...

02. 10. 2010

FINAL COUNTDOWN! The examination is on 10th. Going to bed at 01.30am on nights and waking up at 7.30 am... Well, that's enough for a good sleep though I feel sleepy in the mornings. Listening to the radio (mostly, to get mood) while doing tests of maths, history, Turkish and Law& Citizenship.

My eldest aunt and my cousin were in Istanbul last week. They just wanted to visit us when the schools ended and they spent two weeks with us. I always enjoy to be with my "over"-crowded family and these two weeks were the times I gave a break for studying. Happy, sweet days...

10 Mart 2010 Çarşamba

Athelien "the" ev kedisi...

Hayat işte; nereden çekerseniz oraya doğru gidiyor. Hatta fazla çekerseniz uzayabiliyor; çekingen davranırsanız yerinden kımıldamıyor. Bu ev kedisi de hayatın neresini tutacağını çok da bilemese de bir şekilde bir ucuna saldırıp çekme planları yapıyor. En azından iyi, kötü planları oluyor. Kısmetse planlar uygulamaya konuyor; değilse "amaaaaaaan, salla gitsin!" oluyor. Duygusal anlar yaşanıyor. Malum, eskiden okulun doldurduğu yeri dolduracak bir şey yok ve okul hatıraları hala etkisini gösteriyor. Freud, zihni bir buzdağına benzetir ya hani... Bilinç altı, zihnin ulaşıma kapalı mekanıdır, rüyalar, bir takım yaşantılar sonucu kendini belli eder; tıpkı buzdağının suyun altında kalan kısmı gibi... İşte Athelien pek bir duygusal olduğu için (eee, küresel ısınma da var) o buzdağı çok çabuk eriyor ve eriyen bilinç altı suyu bilince karışıyor. Ama hayat devam ediyor.

Artık Athelien her şeye "hayırlısı" diyor. İş yok hala. Kısmet... Aşk yok; meşk yok. Evlilik hiiiiç yok! O olmasın da zaten. Bu konuya soran olursa değineceğim; zira kendi şahsi ve de tehlikeli görüşüm. Ben en iyisi bir süredir neler düşündüğümü dökeyim buraya.

Kendimi geliştirmek, KPSS sınavında başarılı olmak adına Aralık ayında bir dersaneye gitmeye başladım. Çalışabildiğim kadar ders çalışıyorum. Fakat üniversiteden yeni çıkmışken zor da oluyor tekrar masa başına geçip ders çalışmak. Hele başımda öyle bir bela var ki sormayın: Matematik...

Ne tuhaf bir beladır, nasıl bir kavram, bir bilimdir ki ben buna sıradan bir "bela" diyemiyor, anlatamıyorum. Çocukluğumdan beri nefret ettiğim matematik dersini; her ne kadar bu konuda henüz aşama kaydedemesem de; bir anda az da olsa sevmeye başladım. Bunun nedeni öğreten kişi (benim deyimimle "hoca") mi? Tabii ki. Ancak hocanın fiziksel hoşluğuymuş, jestleriymiş vs. si umrumda değil. Dersi anlatışıyla beğeniyorum ben hocayı. Artık bulmaca çözer gibi mateamtik sorularını çözüyorum. Zevk için sanki... Başarılı olamıyorum; yirmi soruluk bir testi çözmeye çalışırken tüm günümü harcıyorum. Olsun; ilk defa matematik çalışırken bundan keyif alıyorum.

Benim de sınıftaki herkes gibi matematikte 0 (sıfır, tabula rasa-boş levha) bilgi ile geldiğimi kabul edip sabırla, en kolay konudan başlayıp en zoruna doğru yavaş geçiş yapan; verdiği örnek ve ödev testlerin haddi hesabı olmayan matematik hocama teşekkürler. İnsanın öğrenirken en çok yararını gördüğü ders materyalleri bol örnek ve öğrenilen bilgiyi hayata geçirmek (miş; ben de bunu fakültede okurken, ve hatta bu dersanede eğitim bilimleri derslerinde öğrendim.)

Soranlara "Hala öğrenciyim" derken bundan hiç gocunmuyorum. Üniversitede, zorunlu staj dersimiz vardı. Gittiğim okulda, dersine girip gözlem yaptığım hocalardan biri bana "En iyi öğrenci, tahtanın önündeki öğrencidir." demişti; hakikaten de öyleymiş. Bir öğretmen, kendini her zaman bir öğrenci gibi hissetmeli. Çünkü, öğretmenin en büyük işlevi, bilgisini başkalarına aktarabilmesidir. Bunun için de

1) Öğretmen, bilgiye sahip olmalı,

2) Öğretmen, bilgiyi aktarma yöntem ve tekniklerine hakim olmalı.

Bunlar için de öğretmenin daima öğrenme işini yapıyor olması gerekir kanısındayım.

Dört yıl boyunca eğitim fakültesinden mezun olmak için canla başla çalışıp, öğretmenlik diploması aldığım halde KPSS engeline takılmış olmak beni her ne kadar bunaltsa da şu sıralar bir dersanede, öğrendiklerimi tekrar etmek, başkalarından öğrenmek ve onların öğretim yöntemlerine eleştirel gözle bakmak benim için çok iyi oluyor.

Evet, zaten yazılarının çoğunluğu İngilizce olan bloğumda belki de bir seneden beri ilk defa Türkçe yazı görüyorsunuz ve o da kısa oluyor. Ancak düşündüğüm, icat ettiğim, oynadığım, izlediğim, etkilendiğim, zırıl zırıl ağladığım o kadar yoğun şey var ki... Hepsini de yazmak görüntü kirliliği! Bu nedenle uzun zamandır ne yazarım, nasıl yazarım, yazmam şart mıdır diye kara kara düşündüm durdum. Biyonik Kedi ve Pelince'ye buradan çooook teşekkürler; uzun zamandır unuttuğum bloğumun varlığından beni haberdar ettikleri için. Onlar yorum göndermeseydi peeeeeeehhh... Blogmuş, yazıymış... Neeeymiiş? Bu vesilede hatırlatmada bulunan bu pek muhterem iki kişinin de neler yaptığına göz atma fırsatım oldu. Sevindim :)

NOT: Gecenin sürprizi (çünkü saat 01. 50 ve yazı ancak bitti)... Damien Rice'tan güzel bir şarkı armağan ediyorum: Amie. Bu şarkıyı linkte çıkan listede bulup üstüne tıklamanız yeterli. Elbette, listedeki diğer şarkılara da bakabilirsiniz.

En rüyası bol geceler sizlerin olsun!