12 Kasım 2010 Cuma

Dairy/ Diary: Bad Bad News...

Unfortunately, I had a very low point in last KPSS examination which was on Oct. 31. I wish I could explain this by using more flowery words; however, I can't. Such words don't change the constant truths. On the other hand, I've studied harder for a whole month since this was my last chance in this year. I believe, I did my best and I'm fine with my effort. The thing is... I'm just quite broken and I don't know whether I take the same exam in the future.

Enough!... I really got bored with all these examinations. Yet, there's another test I will have in December: ALES. I don't know, I can't think about it. Solving the previous ALES tests is good way. This gives me a few clues about the form of the test and about the questions, subjects. I don't know how... Anyway, life still goes on and... Just ENOUGH!

Second bad news is sad, mad and dangerous (for mum) to know. Mum's 30- year- old mixer is broken! She has mourned for a week and after that we began a search for a new, good, well qualified, ergonomic, economic and easy to use mixer. Though, mum is reluctant as she couldn't find any of these qualifications in the mixers which she tested in shops. There's one she liked in fact; a multi- usable thing: Kenwood Chef, a kitchen aid. But... I'll mention it later.

Methinks, mourning for a kitchen utensil is very bizzare. Probably, the mixer meant much to mum. Otherwise, this isn't the mood of our mum.

There's a good news apart from the other boring ones: Mum has a job! Instead, I was looking for a job and... :p I'm kidding. On December, mum is gonna start working in a bistro- cafe's as a chef, in Cihangir. That's why she's looking for such a perfect kitchen aid, to use at work!

Mum seems happy as she met the lady who is responsible with the cafe last week. She and mum are gonna work together in the kitchen. Well, mum keeps the details of the job for herself and I respect her "not telling to anybody now" tempt. I'm as happier as she is because I know how she got bored with staying at home and cleaning our mess. Additionally, she is an expert in cooking and she always prefers natural and healthy things in the kitchen. All these make her preferable. I can't think of anybody replaced by mum in this world. Meanwhile, I must learn how to cook some practical things because mum won't be at home.

Nowadays, there's a rush in home. Mum and I are doing preparation for Kurban Bayramı (Festival of Sacrifices: a traditional feast which is celebrated by sacrificing a cow, a calf, a sheep or a goat to God in order to thank for the goods He has given) We're cleaning every corner of the house. It's injustice, a cruelty to do all stuff and be tired when dad is peacefully sitting at his office and my brother is studying for university entrance exam and going out with his friends to courses. Such work isn't good for me as it gives me a spine ache!

That's all for this week. Me?... Well, as I said, I'm broken and I missed old school days and friends. Hope I'll see them soon.

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