16 Ekim 2010 Cumartesi

Dairy/ Diary. A good day...

Winter's comin' huh? I've been dealing with flu for a week. Be careful with your health!

Me, myself & studying again... KPSS examination will be repeated on October 31. Today, I'm on my off- day and searching for templates on the net; for my blog. I'd like to personalize my blog nowadays. But how?...

I've found a job! I'm going to start working at my old high school for a year. It's a private school and many of the teachers I love and respect are still working there, in high school English teaching department. So, I will be in comfort! This job will enable me to do my teacher trainee and gain experience. However, the school couldn't offer me any money as they claim, the trainees aren't paid in any of private schools. Somehow, I accepted the job and I'm beginning in December.

There's a controversy on my left foot which I had operation 3 years ago. There's been an oedema effect and pain since last summer. So, I've been visiting my doctor for 3 weeks and having some injections on my foot. It seems this treatment will help. Otherwise, I will have an operation again.

Meanwhile, I've made my mind up: I'm going to go to England in summer! In fact, I'm in England. I feel like I'm in England. Well, there's a book I've been reading and the author has inspired me a lot. Yet, I'm not drunken! I'll mention my plans after I have the exam. Now, just know that I'm happy, happy, happy...

I met with a friend today. We walked in Moda, Kadıköy; the place where I live. I haven't had such a great time for a month. Now, I'm home. Home sweet home... Home warm home... It's bizarre but I feel lonely. What's wrong with me?

I'm listening Damien Rice nowadays, as usual. This song is one of my favourite. If I were to produce a film, I prefer it to play in some of the scenes. I hope, the link is linkable!

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