7 Mayıs 2008 Çarşamba

Dairy/ Diary :)) of the Week

Sorry for being late to add you in my links, Biyonik Kedi! Unfortunately, I'm writing this post at the library of my school and I will deal with adding you on the list as soon as I get home. I've been studying on my presentations. They're killing me softly.

Had only three hours slept last evening and feeling like a bomb now! I don't know how I maintain my energy to sing songs, to laugh. Even, I have some quarells, every day, with my brother and my father who are always keeping computer busy when I need it. Sometimes I listen a song and keep singing it till the day ends. Guess I'm getting mad...

Anyway, I did my presentation today in a very active way and it lasted very very long. I didn't realize how the time flew. There were a few activities and actually, I enjoyed. Pardon me, there's no video record of it! But later, I will send another presentation of mine to youtube and then, I will publish it on my blog. You'll see what a bad presenter I am.

Of course, I did a few things for the benefits of my environment. Last weekend, I studied English with my brother who seems to be successed in his exam yesterday, hopefully. Studying with such an energetic boy makes you feel tired. I was diying when he said "Let me get a glass of water." just as he had sat and had begun doing his exercises. At those times, I, seriously thinking and taking a deep breath, try to be patient. However, it's impossible to maintain your patience every time. So I aggree the ones who say "teaching is one of the blessed ways; but very hard!" I often imagine myself as a hopeless teacher. I suppose, the whole benefit session ends here. If there are any missing points, please comment on or tell me.

What about the things I didn't do or didn't achieve? Well, there are many of them. Firstly, though I wished to go camping to Sapanca with guys from the club that I am one of the members; I couldn't!!! It was all for studying with my brother. In addition, according to my plan, I would read some chapters from my HTR instructor's book. It was given as a midterm exam- homework and next week, I'm supposed to summarize and paraphrase some chapters and hand it to the instructor next week. But, everything is just as white as an empty paper! Also, I was supposed to design my website for EDEN 312; yet, I had no time and no knowledge about how to do that. So I didn't do that. I don't think that Derya Hoca was helpful for this process. I need to discuss it with one of my friends who knows about this designing techniques. CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!! S.O.S.

Next week, on Monday, I have another presentation which will last for ten minutes and it is an easier subject, observing self dychotomy. I have watched my friends and learned what to do. Actually, it seemed enjoyable and easy. Today, I need to begin my assignment for Friday, Listening& Speaking in ELT classes. Is there anyone who has only one separate plan for a speaking activity? I want only one! I can arrange the second one.

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