22 Haziran 2008 Pazar

Diary/ Dairy of a summer week 3

Time's flowing...

Wooooww!... I watched "Seeweney Todd" last week. Quite terriffying; though amazing... It impressed me a lot. Sure, I have fallen in love with Johnny Depp's sarcastic, enthusiastic performance and Helenna Bonham Carter's cult character AGAIN. She really keens on acting such demonic odd and funny characters. Besides, the film has some sort of musical features. Worth to watch...

Last week I was in one of my precious friend's birthday party. I, being the only guest from school, was a bit unhappy; since I and she had wished to see more guys from school. Unluckily... Yet, it was time to enjoy. Her real friends were there. Some kind and thoughtful guys, a pretty, beloved girl... The place which was reserved for the party was amazing. It was a bar near the bay where the fabulous yatches standing. The scene was so beautiful when the sun was setting. All these things reminded me Bodrum and its' "marina". Then, I realised how much I had missed Bodrum.

Just like those crowded Italian families, I used to go to Bodrum with my family, my aunts, my cousin, my mum's cousins and with my grandmother of course, every year, to spend the sumer. Yeah, I had a big happy family in those days. However, for some reasons, we couldn't re-unite and we went as small families later. Only me, mum and my lil' brov... Now, I've spent a little time there for the summer for three or four years.

Well... There are many details, memories crossing down my head. But I can write all these hardly. Remembering old good days makes me both happy, sad and miserable. Because I miss these old days a lot and begin crying. Anyway... I don't wanna cry any more. I'm in holiday man!!! Why do I cry???

Sorry for being late to write all these. The main computer is having its' last days in home. It is breaking, being hacked or pirated by viruses for ages. In addition, there is no place in it... Or there is no so called GB, MB to start the programs. Dad download every single file to a spare harddisc. He will send it for formatting soon. Unluckily... I need to download my files into my laptop and organize them again from the beginning. It's better to learn the new system, Word, PowerPoint 2007 somehow. It was quite difficult to learn 2003 version for me.

By the way, I've made a few jewellery, aren't seemed like something as I did them without some important items. I didn't have them... :(( Still, when I see them on my desk, they make me smile. I've painted my little box and glued some fairy pic.s on it. It was going fine at the beginning; yet the pic.s aren't seemed well on it. Later I will post all of their photos.

As I mentioned before, this week, on 25, one of my best friends is engaging and I will attend to the ceremony. On 27, I'm flying to Mersin, to visit my eldest aunt and her family. I will spend my time with playing with my beloved cousin, swimming with him and enjoying my days there. Also, I may see a friend in Mersin who I knew from school club. Later, I'm planning to go to Bodrum and to Alanya, to visit one of my dearest friend for short times.

I believe, this summer I will forget some bad things happened to me. I need some freedom and loneliness. Sometimes loneliness is the best thing to forget, to be cured and to survive. And perhaps to look through with a different perspective... What can I do... Apart from hoping... We, people have no chance, but just hope...

Untill I get home, see you soon and HAVE A NICE HOLIDAY!

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