6 Haziran 2008 Cuma

Diary/ Dairy of the Week, Not Enough Pleasure...

Dad has bought me a PC!!! It was quite surprizing to see such modern and "girlish" design on computers! Yeap, "Computer is personal again!" You know what I mean... I liked my new computer a lot. It has many features like audio, TV, KARAOKE...The things make me happy... Besides, one of my best friend has an engagement this month and I will be enjoying next two weeks. I'd like to celebrate her from my blog at first. CONGRADULATIONS MY DEAREST FRIEND!!! Also, after her engagement, I am flying to Mersin, to my elder aunt on 27th of June.

Yet, I still feel something missing. I don't feel that I'm on holiday. Guess, staying in İstanbul on my holiday affects me. My "Creative Drama" courses still goes on and I suppose this semester will end on the 21th or 24th of June.

Staying in İstanbul and joining my friend's engagement really makes me glad; I do it as a pleasure. I love wedding, engagement ceremonies. This one is very special as the bride is my friend. Of course, I will be with her in such a beautiful day; I must be. This is friendship man!

However, this f**kin' drama thing should come to an end by the end of last month. Cause I'm bored with dealing all these tiny things, courses, lessons, lectures, homeworks etc. And, since three years, I plan for some good things, a trip to some other places, a journey to Scotland; though I can never do a well organization and stay home:(( Maybe, it's better to leave me on a lonely island! Then, you all will have no trouble in listening to my complaints.

On the other hand, I got some kind of "imperfect" news from another friend. When I consider the events in one side, I'm content with someones' happiness; on the other side, I feel a little bit regretful. It will be a bit hard to forget something if its wounds remain. But, life goes on and I hope, I will get over it somehow. The ones that know me will get the message. That's all I can say.

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